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    Olfacte Scented Candles

Olfacte Scented Candle Collection

Olfacte is a collection of transportive scented candles for memories in the making. Exquisitely fragrant backdrops that add feeling to a space, strike a personal memory and become so much more than meets the nose.

Available in three sizes, each candle is responsibly made using natural essential oils and plant-based wax. Free from parabens and phthalates.

Olfacte Scented Candle, En Passant

Olfacte Scented Candle, Wet Ink

Olfacte Scented Candle, Chapter

Olfacte Scented Candle, Private View

Olfacte Scented Candle, Midnight Soak

“For turning a page, ending a day or starting anew.”

So much more than meets the nose, Olfacte is a candle collection of expertly combined scents designed to ground, arouse and inspire both body and mind.

“The secret self, sides reserved, an intimacy unfolds.”

The five fragrances stimulate the senses with natural essential oils, illuminating traditional plants in alluring new combinations.

“Thought to page, inspiration strikes, ideas emerge.”

The Olfacte Collection by MENU is a universal invitation to connect. With the moment and the space you are in; with family, a friends or with one’s self.

“A feeling renewed, fresh and awakened, vivaciously verdant.”

The collection takes on a new life in our spaces, uniting us in daily rituals, in celebrations and in mood.

“When night falls, exhale deep, taking a moment to let go.”

Take a tour through the collection and discover the vast range of scent notes. Each candle carefully curated to create the perfect ambiance.