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Eave Modular Sofa Collection

The Eave Modular Sofa Collection is characterised by curved back- and armrests, supportive, down-filled cushions and elegant ease. Named after the lower edges of a roof that meet or overhang a wall, the architectural design comprises individual seating modules for total customisation, as well as pre-configured forms, a banquette dining sofa and a versatile pouf. Offered in a wide range of textile upholstery from our collection, the designs are also available with bespoke fabrics. Sink back and relax in to embracing comfort of Eave.

Updated Modules

MENU updates the comfortable Eave Modular Sofa Collection with new seating modulesthat provide more options for customisation and comfort.

A modern classic, the chaise longue sofa module has an open, low-slung silhouette for additional ease and comfort.

Eave Modular Sofa, Chaise Longue

Fully customizable

The Eave Modules are available in a wide variety of carefully selected textile upholstery, allowing for total customisation.

Explore combination ideas

Minimalistic Silhouettes

Great comfort and easy access, the open-ended sofa module adds to the feeling of space and informality in a room.

Eave Modular Sofa, Open End

Fixed Combinations

Eave offers unlimited combinations. Available individually, each module can be configured to suit your style and needs. Be inspired to create yours or seek comfort in the pre-configured combinations that will work in any setting.

Eave Modular Sofa, 2-seater

Eave Modular Sofa, 3-seater

Eave Modular Sofa, 4-seater