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Zet Storage System, Black/Black


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ZET is a smart shelving system with a light, airy, and minimalistic appearance. The whole system consists of two main components: the wooden u-shaped shelves and the metal frame construction. ZET is produced in high quality materials and the frame design provides firm stability. The design is easily assembled or disassembled, and can be easily relocated whenever you want.

1x2 - H: 76,5 cm, W: 92,5 cm, D: 40 cm
1x4 - H: 154,5 cm, W: 92,5 cm, D: 40 cm
2x2 - H: 76,5 cm, W: 183 cm, D: 40 cm
2x4 - H: 154,5 cm, W: 183 cm, D: 40 cm

Frames - Powder-coated Steel
Shelves - Black Painted Oak Veneer on MDF

Our wooden furniture is offered in two different types – natural wood veneers and solid wood – equal in beauty and with only minor differences in look and durability. Wood veneers are made from thin sheets of natural wood that are applied to a base of MDF, plywood or chipboard, giving the surface the appearance of solid wood. The final product is then varnished with polyurethane for a durable, easy-care finish and to prevent spills damaging the surface and underlying design. Wood veneer furniture uses less wood than its solid counterparts, making it a more affordable option. Furthermore, wood veneers are less prone to splintering and warping that can result from a solid wood design.

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