Responsible Stories

At MENU, we take our responsibility as a manufacturer of furniture, lighting and accessories seriously, working consistently and conscientiously towards more sustainable ways of running our business. One of the ways we do this is by donating our textile offcuts to non-profit organisations, which repurpose fabrics into new products that benefit at-risk individuals and reduce environmental waste.

In Line with the World

I Tråd Med Verden (In Line with the World) runs sewing and design workshops in vulnerable residential areas, repurposing discarded textiles to create job opportunities and a better quality of life for those who have lost their footing on the labour market.

Shaping new connections and generating knowledge about sustainable practices, I Tråd Med Verden’s circular production gives new life to unwanted materials, creating purpose in more sense than one.


Liva Creation

Uniting craft with change, Liva Creation is a socio-economic
design company that provides employment opportunities to vulnerable individuals outside the labour market.

Offering a more sustainable future for people and
planet, Liva Creation upcycles our fabric offcuts into new products. Each creation carries a unique story of positive human development.


Products Made Responsibly

Graphium Tea TowelGraphium Tea Towel

Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

Graphium Tea Towel

Troides Tea TowelTroides Tea Towel

Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

Troides Tea Towel

Papilio Tea TowelPapilio Tea Towel

Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

Papilio Tea Towel

Cressida NapkinCressida Napkin

Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

Cressida Napkin

Byasa NapkinByasa Napkin

Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

Byasa Napkin

Co Counter Chair, PlasticCo Counter Chair, Plastic

Norm Architects & Els van Hoorebeeck

Co Counter Chair, Plastic

Co Bar Chair, PlasticCo Bar Chair, Plastic

Norm Architects

Co Bar Chair, Plastic

Ishinomaki AA STOOL, 2 pcs.Ishinomaki AA STOOL, 2 pcs.


Ishinomaki AA STOOL, 2 pcs.

From €405