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Declare is an internationally accredited transparency label that simply and precisely details product information: its materials and their origins; life expectancy and end-of-life options, as well as compliance with the Living Building Challenge (LBC) red list criteria, which details materials, chemicals and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the environment.

With each product evaluated for its environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle, the cradle-to-grave Declare label allows product manufacturers to disclose the materials used in products while consumers and design professionals are enabled to make more informed decisions about the products they select, in particular when looking for items that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly for both people and planet.

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Certified Product Families

Social, sustainable and environmental practices are vital to great design. We hold ourselves accountable to responsible manufacturing and use the Declare label to provide transparency and accountability.

Discover the certified product series below.

Afteroom Chair Collection

Androgyne Table Collection

Co Chair Collection

Eave Sofas

Harbour Chair Collection

Knitting Lounge Chair (Leather)

Offset Sofa

Plinth Collection

Tearoom Collection

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Discover our Declare certified Furniture

Declare Certified Products

Androgyne Lounge Table, WoodAndrogyne Lounge Table, Wood

Danielle Siggerud

Androgyne Lounge Table, Wood

From €850
Plinth TallPlinth Tall

Norm Architects

Plinth Tall

From €1.350
Androgyne Dining Table RectangularAndrogyne Dining Table Rectangular

Danielle Siggerud

Androgyne Dining Table Rectangular

From €3.695
Eave Modular Sofa, 96, Open SectionEave Modular Sofa, 96, Open Section

Norm Architects

Eave Modular Sofa, 96, Open Section

From €1.305
Plinth LowPlinth Low

Norm Architects

Plinth Low

From €2.150
Marble Plinth-Plinth-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorPlinth Cubic

Norm Architects

Plinth Cubic

From €1.350
Androgyne Side Table, Ø50Androgyne Side Table, Ø50

Danielle Siggerud

Androgyne Side Table, Ø50

From €570
Afteroom Stools-Chair-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorAfteroom Stools-Chair-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Afteroom Studio

Afteroom Stools