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Peek Floor Lamp


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The Swedish designer Jonas Wagell designed the Peek lamp as a floor lamp to accompany a sofa he designed a few years ago. The design is simplistic, humble and somewhat quirky.

He explains, "I find that floor lamps are often big and quite dominant in interiors. I needed a lamp which was small and humble and simply "popped up" where you needed some light. The Peek lamp has a heavy base with a long slender stem and a shade, which gracefully peeks over the back of a sofa or armchair."

The shape and silhouette of the Peek floor lamp was the basis for the smaller Peek table lamp. Use the floor lamp as a reading light by the sofa, or as ambient room lighting. The top end of the stem has a touch-sensitive dot that functions as a dimmer.

Jonas Wagell on the design: "Although the form derives from a functional requirement I believe it's important that the lamp has personality and an expression. I strive to create simplistic objects and products that are intuitive and easy to understand. In essence, the Peek lamps only consist of three parts; base, stem and shade. The form is reduced to the necessities and the expression becomes iconic."

H: 125 cm, Ø: 13 cm, LED

    Powder-coated Steel and Aluminum

    Dimmable, controlled by touch dimmer on top of lamp stem

    Internally wired 6W LED panel (no bulb), rated for 35,000 hours

    Cord length: 250 cm, same color as lamp, soft PVC

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