POV Oval Tealight Candle HolderPOV Oval Tealight Candle Holder

POV Oval Tealight Candle Holder

by Note Design Studio

From €70
POV Circle Vase/Candle Holder

POV Circle Vase/Candle Holder

by Note Design Studio

Afteroom Dining ChairAfteroom Dining Chair, 4-leg-Chair-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Afteroom Dining Chair

by Afteroom Studio

From €330
Bank Pendant-Pendant-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBank Pendant-Pendant-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Bank Pendant

by Norm Architects

Bath Towel LadderBath Towel Ladder-Towel Ladder-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Bath Towel Ladder

by Norm Architects

POV Wall Candle HolderPOV Wall Candle Holder

POV Wall Candle Holder

by Note Design Studio

Snaregade Table, RoundSnaregade Table, Round

Snaregade Table, Round

by Norm Architects

From €1.150
TR Bulb, Suspension FrameTR Bulb, Suspension Frame

TR Bulb, Suspension Frame

by Tim Rundle

From €800
Chambers ChandelierTribeca Chambers Chandelier-Chandelier-Soren Rose Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Chambers Chandelier

by Soren Rose Studio

From €550
Tribeca Harrison Chandelier-Chandelier-Soren Rose Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorHarrison Chandelier

Harrison Chandelier

by Soren Rose Studio

Aer VaseAer Vase

Aer Vase

by Gabriel Tan

From €200
Androgyne Lounge Table, StoneAndrogyne Lounge Table, Stone

Androgyne Lounge Table, Stone

by Danielle Siggerud

Hashira Table Lamp-Portable Lamp-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorHashira Table Lamp

Hashira Table Lamp

by Norm Architects

From €340
Harbour Column Table, Round With Star BaseHarbour Column Table, Round With Star Base

Harbour Column Table, Round With Star Base

by Norm Architects

From €740
New Norm Fruit BowlNew Norm Fruit Bowl

New Norm Fruit Bowl

by Norm Architects

Torso Table Lamp, PortableTorso Table Lamp, Portable

Torso Table Lamp, Portable

by Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen

Rail ShelfRail Shelf

Rail Shelf

by Keiji Ashizawa Design

Zet Storage SystemZet Storage System

Zet Storage System

by Kaschkasch Cologne

From €610
Ready Dining Chair without upholsteryReady Dining Chair without upholstery

Ready Dining Chair without upholstery

by Matias Møllenbach & Nick Rasmussen

Houkime Rug Midnight BlueHoukime Rug Midnight Blue

Houkime Rug Midnight Blue

by Nina Bruun

From €810

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