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Pepe Marble Mirror

by Studio Pepe

From €510
Nimbus Mirror, RectangularNimbus Mirror, Rectangular

Nimbus Mirror, Rectangular

by Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen



As one of our most-used spaces, the bathroom, demands beautiful objects with purpose. Our thoughtfully-curated collection of functional bathroom accessories speaks volumes about how a space should function and feel – and positively impacts the experience of those who occupy it.

Our modern bathroom accessories are sleek and streamlined. The minimalist, powder-coated stainless steel designs respond to real-life needs while maintaining a sophisticated, modern expression – complete with easy-to-clean surfaces. Clean lines and rounded bases define our minimalist bathroom décor. 

With purposeful, meticulously executed details, the luxury toilet and bathroom accessories are both refined and user-friendly. Visually bold and adaptable. Deeply thought through and delightfully simple.

The bathroom accessories collection lends every aspect of the bath, toilet and shower room importance, making ordinary experiences feel a lot less everyday. Chic, high-quality waste bins, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, for instance, have the power to transform a bathroom. As do multiple mirror designs, a shower tray, a shower wiper and a towel ladder. 

Modern toilet accessories do not just add to a room; they elevate it by providing something unexpected. Sometimes, it is the smallest investment that generates the biggest return.


Transforming the bathroom into a haven where we can relax and refresh, the Bath Collection profiles soft, functional minimalism. Fulfilling every requirement in the bathroom space, many of the collection’s designs, such as the mirrors and the bins, also serve us outside the bathroom. The series is made of powder-coated steel with a matte black or white finish for an elegant, tactile and easy-to-clean exterior.

Our modern bathroom accessories include rubbish bins in an array of sizes. The Pedal Bin opens and closes smoothly and silently with a quick push of the pedal and features a lock system that is beautifully hidden inside the bin. 

The stylish, simple and practical Soap Pump soap dispenser is easy to clean, easy to use and easy to refill when empty. Like the Toothbrush Holder, it comes in both standalone and wall-mounted versions in black or white. The graphic Towel Bar and Toilet Roll Holder add a sophisticated, geometric aesthetic to the bathroom or toilet. The illusion of a suspended band brings an intriguing graphic style to bathroom walls, while the matte surface adds tactility.

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